Offshore Connection

Offshore Connection has been established for the safe transfer of people and goods at sea. It is the commercial sector of Coastal Connection LLP.

Coastal Connection was established in 2008, based in Oban on the West coast of Scotland. The business covers a range of services. The main activity of the business has been tourism but growing trends and an increase in contracts have pushed for a commercial side to the company. The business continually updates its equipment and vessels, aiming to have the best on the market.

Boat at Slip
Boats at Sea

Offshore Connection is available for contracts throughout the UK for transfers, surveys and safety work. We have a range of vessels and a supply of equipment to assist our clients’ needs.


  • Crew transfers
  • Safety Boat Support
  • Port/ship security and standby
  • Bird survey
  • Eco-survey
  • Seabed survey
  • Standby/Guard vessels
  • Urgent inter-island courier
  • Filming and media support
  • Emergency transfer for any infrastructure repairs (24/7)

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